Here’s a step-by-step guide to how a hotel map is planned and put together.

You tell us what you have in mind, whether you need to recover the cost through advertising, and what things you particularly like in a map.

We will suggest a format based on initial discussions. It will be driven by a few things:

• How much space you want to use for editorial (welcome, in-house spa, restaurant and so on).

• The number and size of any advertisements to be included (if there are to be any).

• Where you are – different cities require different minimum sizes for a useful map, and the shape of the area to be covered varies from place to place.

• You may need an more detailed map of the area immediately around the hotel.

• You may want additional themed maps – perhaps, metro, shopping or theatre maps.

We will supply you with a clear technical specification for the covers and the hotel’s editorial sections.
You then chose whether to provide finished .pdf files for each section, or supply all the ingredients:
• text
• photos
• corporate fonts
• corporate colours
Either way, supplying your corporate fonts and colours will help us tune other elements of the map to fit in as much as possible with your marketing material.

Many client don’t want advertisements. They don’t have other companies’ names on their brochures of their doorman’s coat, so why on their map?

For others, it’s an understandable way to recoup some or all of the cost of the map – and a few nicely-produced advertisements needn’t spoil things.

Hotels generally find the advertisers themselves, because they want to stay in control – to choose advertisers who do not conflict with the hotel’s own services.

We supply you with a full technical specification for each advertisement panel. All you have to do is pass it on. The advertiser supplies finished artwork, which is slotted into position.

Occasionally a client will ask us to bill a sponsor direct. That’s fine, provided the hotel agrees to underwrite any non-payment.

Paper constitutes an increasing proportion of production budgets, as an over-supply of printers and efficient computer–to–plate technology cuts costs in other areas.

We can provide samples of well-priced, tried–and-tested papers which fold well and have a satisfying, value-added feel.

These are available at weights between 115gsm and 150gsm for maps folded in two directions.
Heavier weights can be used for smaller maps folded in one direction.

If you have a particular paper you want to use, we can probably obtain and use it, but bear in mind that it may increase costs.

Printing is standard full-colour litho, but there are lots of options, like special Pantone® colours, gold/silver blocking and lamination.

Maps are generally delivered in 9″ x 9″ x 12″ (305mm x 229mm x 229mm) cartons.

Please call (01300) 345700 / +44 130 034 5700 if you have any questions – or email via the Contact page.